For Young Ladies, For Growing Girls, and For Misses (1919)

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Here’s an old boot advertisement from the Washington Times. It ran in the June 23rd, 1919 edition.

A new, distinctive, white bucksin boot (1919)
A new, distinctive, white buckskin boot (1919)
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These were sold by Hahn’s, which had four stores in Washington at the time.

Genuine Buckskin, as you know, is the best-wearing material known for footwear; soft, cool, comfortable; it will retain life and looks three to five times as long as any leather.

I did not know that. Now, I really want a pair.

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Likewise, Buckskin is very scarce at present; in that consideration, the prices on these shoes are extremely moderate.

I also did not know we were having a deer shortage in the 1910s, but thankfully these are priced competitively.

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Also, novelty socks for 19 cents? I know a couple of friends that would die to get their hands on socks in colors, in color combinations; regular and three-quarter lengths, stripes and plaid (you know who you are).

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Hahn's reliable footwear

It’s sad that this building no longer exists. Look at that amazing clock at the top.

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