January 26, 2012

Eckington streetcar accident (1919)

Officials Probe Eckington Streetcar Disaster

This looks bad. And, it is as bad as it looks. I came across this old photo on Shorpy (of course). It was a major streetcar derailment that injured 35 passengers, resulting in the arrest of both the motorman and...

Sheep grazing at the White House (1919)

Sheep Grazing at the White House

Here’s a photo I found on Flickr. It’s from the Nation’s Attic (i.e., The Smithsonian). They have a great set of photos up there, so you should take a look. The photograph below shows sheep grazing near the East Wing...

Greek Murder featured

The Greek Murder: A Triple Homicide

Yet again, I find something to share on Shorpy. This one is gruesome, but too crazy not to post. This was a big story at the time, in July of 1920. The murders happened after a robbery gone wrong. Jean...