Washington Times

Washington Times - July 28th, 1914

This is the front page of the Washington Times from Tuesday evening, July 28th, 1914, the day Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Source: Library of Congress

1919 scenic drive route through Washington

This is a great image from the Washington Times, published on October 25th, 1919. It shows a scenic driving route through the city. Source: Library of Congress

the new auto-bike advertisement

Here's an interesting advertisement from the Washington Times on November 6th, 1913. Source: Library of Congress

Washington Times pocket directory of apartments - 1914

Now this is cool. And, it's probably something that makes you a little nauseous, paying that ridiculous $2,300 in rent today. Check out the handy Washington Times pocket directory of apartments from 1...

front page of the Washington Times - May 13th, 1912

This week, we're going to post the front and back page of the Washington Times from the week of May 13th, 1912, exactly 101 years ago today. Why didn't we do 100 years? Because May 13th, 1912 was a Mo...

January 28th, 1906 - Washington Times

What an awesome advertisement in the Washington Times. This is from Sunday, January 28th, 1906.

The Washington Times on April 15th, 1912

This was the front page of the Washington Times in the evening of Monday, April 15th, 1912. It's rather haunting seeing this today, over a hundred years later. Many Washingtonians likely went to bed t...

Washington Times - November 2nd, 1906 - page 12

On Friday, November 2nd, 106 years ago, this was the sports page of the Washington Times.

The Washington Times - October 31st, 1912 - page 8

Today we're kicking off a new Ghosts of DC category called "In the Paper," where we will post an entire page from an old newspaper, and adding just a bit of commentary. These newspaper pages will b...

Georgetown University advertisement - September 3rd, 1911 (Washington Times)

Are you getting ready to go back to school? Have you paid your tuition bill yet? In 1911, your tuition bill would have been $100 (not sure if that's per semester or full year). Damn, that's 33% more t...