Hains Point

aerial view of East Potomac Park

Here is a cool aerial view of East Potomac Park and Hains Point. Source: Library of Congress By the way, do you know why it's called...
Hains Point

Source: Library of Congress And this is the same area in today's Google Street View.
East Potomac Golf Club (East Potomac Park), Washington, D.C., aerial view from above Haines Point looking north toward the Mall (Library of Congress)

Here is a great old photograph of East Potomac Park and Hains Point (which we learned about yesterday). This was taken by an airplane (obviously)...
First Lieutenant Peter C. Hains, 1862. Photo by James F. Gibson (Library of Congress)

Hains point is named for Peter Conover Hains. That was easy. You would know that if you checked Wikipedia, so I'm not really adding...

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