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The Old Hay-Adams House

Hay-Adams residence circa 1890

The corner of 16th and H St. NW wasn’t always dominated by the Hay-Adams hotel. Prior to the hotel being built in 1928, two large and beautiful Victorian homes sat on this corner, occupied by the Hay family and the …

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Need a Gas Range circa 1916?

Gas range avertisement 1916

If you live in the D.C. metropolitan area, and you pay bills, chances are, you’re paying Washington Gas (formerly known as Washington Gas Light Company). They’ve been serving the area for close to 160 years now and about a hundred …

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Proposed White House on Meridian Hill

Proposed Executive Mansion sponsored by Mary Foote Henderson

Here’s a good one from the Library of Congress archives. It’s a drawing of the proposed new Executive Mansion, to be built on Meridian Hill (where the park is today). It looks quite ostentatious for American tastes and, in my …

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