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Taking Another Break

dogs love to sleepdogs love to sleep

Time for another break in the action. Ghosts of DC will be going radio silent next week so we can recharge our batteries. We’ll keep retweeting old posts and sharing the occasional post on Facebook so you get your fix …

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1888 Map of East Capitol Street

1888 map of East Capitol St.

If you live east of the Capitol, check out this map and see if you can find your house. The pink buildings are brick structures and the yellow are wood frame buildings. I’m guessing that a large number of these …

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1901 Map of Washington

Portion of "Map of the District of Columbia" No. D-287, Commission on the Improvement of the Park System, 1901

Here’s a map of Washington that we found from 1901. Being over 100 years old, you’ll see quite a few things missing. Teddy Roosevelt Bridge hadn’t been built, neither had the Lincoln or Jefferson memorials. Click on the map and …

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