Old Ads & Classifieds

These are old ads and classifieds from Washington, D.C. newspapers.

We received a great tweet from @capitolization a while ago and wanted to do a little digging into the history of the Golden Garter...
1926 Brookland real estate advertisement

Here is a terrific old advertisement for real estate in Brookland. This was printed in The Washington Post on Sunday, May 2nd, 1926.

This is so cool. Make sure you click on it for greater details and scan through the whole thing. See any buildings that you...
The Parkside - 1702 Summit Pl. NW

Oh, things sure were different. Check out these great apartment advertisements from July 3rd, 1932. These were printed in The Washington Post. Below is an ad...
real estate listings - July 21st, 1916

We came across some old real estate listings from The Washington Post, printed on July 21st, 1916. The last few times that we posted listings,...
Wesley Heights -1891

Check out this great old advertisement from The Washington Post in 1891.
The Washington Herald - August 31st, 1919

Here are two old advertisements from 1919 that we dug up, featuring the Institute for Physical Development.  
Hillbrook advertisement 1918

We've never featured Hillbrook, so here's our first item uncovered for the neighborhood. If you're from the area, or know someone that lives there,...

Check out this bizarre advertisement from January 8th, 1922. Source: Library of Congress
December 31st, 1949

This is a cool New Year's advertisement that we found in The Washington Post December 31st, 1949. Click on it for a larger version.

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