Old Ads & Classifieds

Check out this bizarre advertisement from January 8th, 1922. Source: Library of Congress

December 31st, 1949

This is a cool New Year's advertisement that we found in The Washington Post December 31st, 1949. Click on it for a larger version.

Check out this advertisement from 1911 showing the beautiful development popping up around Sheridan Circle.

Howard University of 1919

Check out this great old advertisement that we dug up in The Washington Times from September 7th, 1919. Source: Library of Congress

1911 advertisement

Can you recognize any of these homes? This is an advertisement printed in The Washington Times on November 18th, 1911. Can you imagine ... $38 a month! Source: Library of Congress

August 6th, 1922

Here is a series of old advertisements for the great Cairo Building at 1615 Q St. NW.  

1952 Eastern Airlines ad

Source: Duke University Libraries Here's a cool retro ad from the 1950s. It's an advertisement for Eastern Airlines with 37 daily flights to Washington, D.C. I'm assuming this is from New York....

Brickskeller cocktail waitress

Want a job? Checking out the classifieds in The Washington Post on December 10th, 1968, you would have come across this one for a cocktail waitress at the old favorite, Brickskeller. Oh, I miss...

3459 Macomb St. NW

What a beautiful home. I've driven by this home a few times, and it's amazing. Does anyone happen to know who lives there? Because, if you do, make sure you share this with them. I'm sure the curre...

Washington Nationals 1912

What a fun old print from The Washington Times printed on June 18th, 1912.