GoDCers Love Maps

Check out this terrific 1874 map of Georgetown with the old street names. Source: Dig DC

This is an incredible old map from 1887 showing today's Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights. You have to click on this for greater details. You'll be a little confused by the old street names, so...

1907 map

Here's a really great old map of the area surrounding the National Cathedral. Check out how the land was owned by the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation. Also, notice the land owned by F...

These are amazing. Take your time studying them because there are so many incredible details in them. Click on them for larger versions. Below is one showing the waterfront. This one is pretty ...

Happy Sunday, and welcome to map week! Starting now, going through the rest of the week, we're posting a map each day, so get pumped. GoDCers love maps! And this is a great one to start with. Here'...

aerial view of Washington National and the Pentagon

Here are two great photos sent in by GoDCer Ken, who was raised in Arlington. The first shot is an aerial photo around Washington National and the Pentagon. The second one is Spout Run near Lee Highwa...

1892 map of Logan Circle

Check out this awesome old map of Logan Circle (Iowa Circle then) in 1892. Source: Dig DC

1919 Dupont Circle

Check out this great map of Dupont Circle in 1919. At the intersection of Connecticut and N St. you can see what used to be the British Embassy. Source: Library of Congress

1919 map of Dupont and Farragut

This is what south of Dupont Circle and Farragut looked like in 1919, before the Mayflower was built. Source: Library of Congress

Map of Naval Hospital Washington, D.C. Showing Conditions on June 30, 1927. [includes hand-drawn "Proposed Extension of New York Avenue" and "Future Building Line"]. [map, Potomac Annex].Printed map, hand-colored with emendations. Marked "H.O. Misc. No. 7219" and "PW 2469". print 11x17 color. Navy Medicine Historical Files Collection - Facilities. [The New York Avenue extension was never built. Instead the North side of the base was cut off by an extension of Viginia Avenue, and the South side was truncated by the Institute of Peace.]

This is a great old map of the Old Naval Hospital shared by loyal GoDCer Michael. Thanks for sending! It's extremely helpful to get great content from GoDCers when I'm up absurdly late with Ghost Baby...