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Three Things You Didn’t Know From Bigwig Digs

Bigwig Digs

A great new site launched today and the GoDC community is going to love this one. It’s called Bigwig Digs, put together by the folks at Urban Turf. This is a cool site, not only for the obvious stars in …

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Three Things You Didn’t Know About National Airport

B-29 Superfortress in flight (Wikipedia)

The popular “Three Things…” post about Dulles Airport prompted me to give equal treatment to our other local, older and much more convenient airport: National Airport (not Reagan National Airport, thank you very much). Actually, the airport was once known …

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Three Things About Deanwood

Deanwood in the 1907 Baist Real Estate Atlas (Library of Congress)

Last week, we did a quick post on Fort Lincoln Heights. Now, I’d like to focus a little more on Deanwood, the former neighborhood of both Nannie Helen Burroughs and Marvin Gaye. 1. Before the Deanwood metro … way before …

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