Alexandria Viewed From an Airplane in 1919

Alexandria, VA as seen from the air in 1919

This fascinating old photograph shows Alexandria, as seen from the air, in 1919. Click on the image to see some incredible details.

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Alexandria, VA as seen from the air in 1919
Alexandria, VA as seen from the air in 1919

Source: Library of Congress

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  • Jim Mackay

    Great survivor of a photo, that shows a number of long-gone Old Town buildings, and a very industrialized waterfront. Among the more significant buildings in this view that have since been demolished: the second, much larger half of the Naval Torpedo Station, still under construction; the former Mansion House (later Braddock House) Hotel, that was seized and used as a hospital during the Civil War; the old Pioneer Mill; the Alexandria Armory; and the main passenger station for the long-defunct Alexandria, Loudoun & Hampshire RR, the first railroad to get up and running in Alexandria in the 1850’s.