Orville Wright’s Flight Record at Fort Myer in 1909

On July 27th, 1909, Orville Wright sets the flight duration record at Ft. Myer. The flight was over 40 miles with an average speed of also over 40 miles per hour.

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Orville Wright in 1909
Orville Wright in 1909

Source: Library of Congress

Below is film footage from the test flight.

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  • John Michael

    Ahah – THE video of the Wright Brothers at Fort MYER… I wrote the book!

  • Jay Roberts

    And I was at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria last month, John, when you lectured on the history of Fort Myer and showed this clip!

    And how about Orville’s flight four days later, over the trees, around the ballon at Shuter’s Hill and back. Showed the gub’ment that thing could really fly. Previous flights were not “cross country” like the July 31st one. They say he “really” flew when he made his turn and had to maneuver a bit. Went ten miles and averaged 42 mph with a passenger.

    Any chance there’s a video of that flight??