Cool 1869 Property Map of Columbia Heights

This property map of Columbia Heights from 1869 shows John Sherman’s subdivision with the old street names (learn about the street names here). Make sure you click on it for more details because it’s very interesting. For some reference, Kennesaw Ave. is now Irving St., which runs right by DC USA (aka, Best Buy and Target) today. Obviously none of those plots are single family homes today. The road from Pierce’s Mill is today’s Park Rd.

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Sherman's subdivision of Columbia Heights in 1869
Sherman’s subdivision of Columbia Heights in 1869

Source: Library of Congress

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  • john

    I like the two names along 14th Street there – “Gen’l W.T. Sherman”, and his slightly lesser known brother “Hon. John Sherman”, whose own claim to fame as author of the seminal antitrust law, the Sherman Act, is still quite substantial.