1910 Ads for Clifton St. Homes in Columbia Heights

Here’s an old advertisement that we found in The Washington Times from Saturday, June 4th, 1910. It shows a row of homes on Clifton St. in Columbia Heights, recently finished, and for sale at $7,750.

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Advertisement for 1201 Clifton St. NW
Advertisement for 1201 Clifton St. NW – 1910

Source: Library of Congress

Here’s the Street View on Google today.

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  • Regular Reader, First Time Cal

    According to Zillow, 1211 Clifton St. NW sold for $822k earlier this year. It looks like the house on the corner may have been divided into units at some point. It’s a rental now.


  • Popeye D. Saylorman

    I would like to have seen the interior pics from 1910.