This Was F Street at Night in 1955

This amazing old photo shows F St. NW, looking east from 13th St. in 1955. Pretty cool.

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View east on F St. from 13th St. NW (1955)
View east on F St. from 13th St. NW (1955)

Source: Flickr user rockcreek

Here’s a similar view today on Google Street View, which is not nearly as cook.


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  • Patricia Pugsley

    And now it’s all boring giant boxes. Yuck.

  • Popeye D. Saylorman

    Wow…55 was a real looking city with an artistic avante garde flair. Today our city designers just effed up our city good with lackluster boring architecture. Just like our cars today. No styling no flair. Just big blobs of boredom. It sucks.

  • Brandon

    i thought you had the wrong address, but looks like you’re spot on