President Hoover With Boys and Girls at The White House

Here’s a cool old photo showing President Herbert Hoover with a large group of boys and girls at the White House.

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President Hoover with boys and girls at White House
President Hoover with boys and girls at White House

Source: Shorpy

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  • Publius Washingtoniensis

    it looks like the Great Engineer is welcoming “shop” class standouts to the White House. It’s a surprisingly diverse group for the 20s (or 30s): I see boys, girls, a disabled child, and African American kids. Even though the country may have been in the grip of depression when this photo was made, it evokes a certain heartwarming nostalgia for a more innocent time.

  • JCF

    “Nice woodshop projects, kids! You can use those skills to put together your new homes in Hooverville…”

    Good to see black kids . . . um, not good to see them segregated to one side.

    Ironic, the kid in the wheelchair—considering the next (infinitely superior!) President.