Know These Georgetown Neighborhoods? Frogland, Philadelphia, and Mill Seat

Do you know any of these old Georgetown neighborhoods? Here is an old map of Georgetown from 1885.

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Plat of the tracts of land called "Mill Seat," "Philadelphia," and "Frogland," from the original patents as located in Georgetown D.C. / B.D. Carpenter, surveyor.
Plat of the tracts of land called “Mill Seat,” “Philadelphia,” and “Frogland,” from the original patents as located in Georgetown D.C. / B.D. Carpenter, surveyor.

Source: Library of Congress

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  • [rrrrr]

    Awesome! Also, anyone know where “Conjuror’s Disappointment” might have been?

    “An act for an addition to Georgetown, in Montgomery County. [Passed 22d January, 1785]

    “Whereas Robert Peters, William Deakins, junior, Charles Beatty, and John Threlkeld, of Georgetown, by their humble petition to this general assembly have set forth, that they have agreed to lay out, as an addition to Georgetown, twenty acres and eighteen thirty seconds of an acre of ground, being part of the following tracts of land, to wit: one acre and twenty-six thirty seconds of an acre, part of a tract of land called Frogland, the property of the aforesaid Charles Beatty, two acres and one thirty second of an acre, part of a tract of land called Discovery, the property of the aforesaid Robert Peters, thirteen acres and twenty-nine thirty seconds of an acre, part of a tract of land called Conjuror’s Disappointment, the property of the aforesaid William Deakins, junior, and three acres twenty-six thirty seconds of an acre, part of a tract of lands called the Resurvey on Salop, the property of the aforesaid John Threlkeld, into sixty-five lots, and a sufficient number of streets, as appears by the plot of the actual survey thereof, made by the said Francis Deakins on the first day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-four..”


  • Sheila Gilbert

    If you look at 31st St. in NW Washington and go straight up 31st. you see Dumbarton, and Water street is now Rt 29 to the south. The land mass at the bottom of the map could represent the area today that’s the Embassy of Sweden. Not sure, but it lines up. The rest should be easier to locate if this is correct.

  • ET

    In the “Centinel of Liberty” paper for 08-30-1796 I found something that may/may not be interesting/helpful. Some of the scan of this is tricky.
    “The subscriber being duly authorized, will receive proposal or the purchase of the valuable estate in this town late the property of Gen. Walter Steward, decesased; It consists of a large front on West (Weft) Landing , containing 210 1/2 fee t with a first and second part of Frog Land before the same, on which are built convenient warves, etc. Part of the premise run through to Falls Street, having a front thereon of 62 feet, the remainder have different but consider depths. On this estate are foundry small stone, brick and frame houses, all under rent, together with a moft? capital brick mansion house and stores, 57 fee by 40 exclusive of the kitchen and other back buildings, erected by a very few years since, now in occupation of Mr. Adam Murray Stewart; adjoining is another building begun and carried up nearly to the first story…..”

    This map is a bit older and does reference West Landing.

    I found this from 1799 that has some landowner names but it requires a lot of patience to see anything.

    In the “National Intelligencer” for 10-24-1810 there was a posted notice fromt he Chancery of Maryland that had to do with the disposition of an estate including land it looks like:
    “the right and estate of the heirs of Peter Cassanove, in and to LOT Number 7, in the second addition to Georgetown, with the improvements thereon, being part of Frog Land.”

    Looking at Conjuror’s Disappointment it seems to be connected to Thomas Beale who also at some point owned the Rock of Dumbarton.

  • Mary Reay

    My great aunt was a nun at a convent in Georgetown, 1880-1940. I think she could be buried there. How could I get information on her? Her real name is listed on 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 census. In the 1940 census, their Sister names are used.

  • jibjab2468

    Bridge Street is now M street, and High street is now Wisconsin Ave. So “Beginning of Frogland” looks to start near what is now the Ritz Carlton on South ST NW, and “Frogland” looks to be just south of the AMC movie theater, in what is now the park area. (“Water St.” is still called that, and is the street under the Whitehurst Freeway, which turns into K St. as you head east into the city.)