Beautiful 1898 Photo of the Potomac River

This is quite a beautiful photo of the Potomac River from 1898. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to locate this photo, but if you have any thoughts, add them below in the comments.

Potomac River in 1898
Potomac River in 1898

Source: Library of Congress

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  • Kathleen

    Does the number in the corner indicate the date? If so, would it be June 11, 1889 instead of ’98? What a lovely photo – almost like a painting.

  • Phil

    Could be Arlington shore looking toward Hains Point

    • Chad

      I belive you are correct. Taken from the shore line where Reagan National Airport is today.

  • picksteve

    May be from the Watergate looking out to the northern tip of Roosevelt Island.

  • JCF

    I would have thought the Potomac would be more polluted in 1898 (“What’s ‘environmental protection’?”) than today?