Amazing 1950s Film Footage of D.C. Streetcars

This is some awesome footage of the old streetcar system here in D.C. from the 1950s. What’s really great is seeing some recognizable spots in the city, like the Dupont Underground, East Capitol St., and of course Union Station. The footage is quite long, but skip around a little and you’ll see some great stuff.


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  • ET


    Anyone more familiar with the routes? I was interested in the early part at a circle turnaround/roundabout. I know there was one at Barney Circle at the end of Pennsylvania Ave and I assume there were others.

    • jeremiah montague jr

      there were loops at Rossyln, 14th&Decatur, Navy Yard, Bureau of Engraving, SW-Mall, Georgia & Alaska, 7th&T St NW, Calvert Bridge, 14th&Colorado, Mount Pleasant St, Barney Circle

  • Sheila

    Barney Circle was at 18:20 on the film and a bit before that 17:33 18:00 was on PA Ave heading towards Barney Circle, and 16:58 was Union Circle.

  • Derfallbright

    Let me guess….GM agreed to give the city buses in exchange for ripping out the street car tracks. This happened all over the country in the 1950’s.