Old Post Office Pavilion Through Fog

Here’s a slightly spooky, yet beautiful photo showing the Old Post Office through a snowy, foggy night in 1911. It’s labeled June 5th, but clearly it didn’t snow then. I’m guessing that was when the photo was printed.

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Old Post Office in 1911
Old Post Office in 1911

Source: Library of Congress

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  • Edward

    That’s a pretty neat picture of the post office reminds and looks more like it was taken during or after Christmas but all in all hats a great picture! To bad it doesn’t say who took the picture but it’s all good! I like it none the less!

  • jerseyhatt

    Perhaps it was a mis-label and it was January 5th.

  • Publius Washingtoniensis

    This photo is astonishingly beautiful and evocative. It was taken from the roof of the old Agriculture Department Building — the Victorian parterre is clearly evident in the foreground. The photographer faced north toward the OPO, roughly along the axis of 13th Street, NW. This spot is now occupied by the central block of the Main Agriculture Department, the Whitten Building, which was completed in 1930.

  • Pretty Waitress Breaks It Down

    I am so depressed at the thought of the Old Post Office being turned into a “super luxury” Trump Hotel. Sigh. Oh tempore, oh mores.

  • Pretty Waitress Breaks It Down

    Well, I supposed the “super luxury” hotel is needed on Pennsylvania Avenue so the 1% have wonderful window views of the House and Senate they have purchased.

  • alohaloaha

    beautiful picture