Locate These Mystery 1920 Alexandria Homes

Can you find these homes today? I did some sleuthing and the best I could come up with was E Walnut St between Little St. and Mt. Vernon Ave. The directions in the advertisement seem to hint at that location too. I just can’t figure out which homes they are. The ad below was printed in The Evening Star on December 20th, 1920.

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Alexandria real estate advertisement (1920)
Alexandria real estate advertisement (1920)

Source: Library of Congress

Looking at the Google Street View below, it almost looks like the photo in the ad is reversed. What do you think?

By the way, super random historical context … six days prior to this ad being run in the paper, George Gipp was born. You might also know him as “The Gipper.” Yes, that one – win one for the Gipper.

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  • Thomas Brooks

    Can I see 311 S. Columbus St. ?

  • Brad Z

    The image is of 108 E Walnut Street, looking on the north side of the block facing east. I can make out as far as 118 E Walnut. 108 E Walnut looks remarkably unchanged on the exterior from the 1920 ad…the roofline, windows, columns and railings are identical to the photo. 110 E Walnut looks a little different as the two level porch was enclosed (just as it was for 118 E Walnut and several other houses on this block not listed in the ad). 112 seems to have added a second story addition, but 116 has the same roofline today as it did 96 years ago.