1922 Ad for Woodridge & Brookland Real Estate

Here is an advertisement in The Evening Star for real estate in West Woodridge, off of Rhode Island Ave. NE. It was printed on May 6th, 1922. For a little context, on May 5th, construction began on Yankee Stadium in the Bronx (aka, the House that Ruth Built).

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West Woodridge
West Woodridge

Source: Library of Congress

Here’s the same area today on Google Maps. The neighborhood is considered Brookland today.

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  • JustMy2Cents

    The RI streetcar was in operation at this time, making this area (and Mt. Rainier) more accessible.

  • West Woodridger, I guess

    I own a home on RI Ave. Just east of where this map ends. For what it’s worth, nobody really considers the area Brookland today in common parlance. The official DC Government neighborhood map does consider the area north of RI Ave. to be Brookland and the area south to be “Langdon,” a neighborhood name I’ve never heard used in the wild, with Woodridge officially located on both sides of RI Ave. only east of South Dakota Ave. But the name Woodridge is pretty sticky among long-term residents and local bloggers for areas well west of South Dakota Ave. The library being rebuilt at 18th and RI Ave. is also officially named the Woodridge Library.

    • West Woodridger, I guess

      Oh, as far as historical value goes, my house was built in 1928; perhaps by someone who found the plot via this ad!