What Did H Street Look Like in 1925?

This is a great old photo from 1925, showing today’s booming H St. in a much different light.

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"Rowhouses and moving company." Circa 1925, the furniture and hauling business of Sam Madeoy at 600 H Street N.E. National Photo Company.
“Rowhouses and moving company.” Circa 1925, the furniture and hauling business of Sam Madeoy at 600 H Street N.E. National Photo Company.

Source: Shorpy

Check out the Baist map of the intersection from 1921. 600 H St. is the building on the northeast corner of the intersection. The above photo is taken from the southwest corner and you are looking toward the northeast. The shadow falling in the same direction makes me assume that the sun is behind us and lower in the sky. Plus, the women appear to be wearing heavier coats, so this is probably taken in the late fall, or winter.

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6th and H St. NE in 1921
6th and H St. NE in 1921

Here is the same block today on Google Street View.

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  • Aaron Goldschmidt

    Great pic! FWIW, I guess google isn’t live-streaming yet, because that’s not how that corner looks now — Murry’s was demolished last year. http://www.popville.com/2014/11/first-murrys-now-h-street-self-storage-building-completely-demoed-on-h-street/

  • Poshboy

    Always amazing how much the city changes and how much remains intact. Bet that great looking 2-story brick corner building with the repeating doorways got razed after the ’68 riots. That’s a shame; it would be a nice set of offices or restaurants today.
    Of course, now they have a huge new building planned for the Murray’s and storage building lot to maximize rent and ROI. But that’s change, for better or worse.

  • Eldorado48

    I believe that started life as a Safeway in mid 70’s

  • Popeye D. Saylorman

    I like the down homey look of 1925 better. Today the area just looks cold.