Parking in D.C. for 35 Cents in 1942

Parking fees in D.C. back in 1942 were a fair bit cheaper than they are today without a doubt. Check out this photo from World War II. Can anyone locate this photo?

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1942. "Effect of gasoline shortage in Washington, D.C." Medium format nitrate negative by Albert Freeman for the Office of War Information.
1942. “Effect of gasoline shortage in Washington, D.C.” Medium format nitrate negative by Albert Freeman for the Office of War Information.

Source: Shorpy

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  • ET

    The signs indicate the 1400 block of H street NW but I can’t tell if it is the side of the buildings that we seen in the photos or the other (meaning this is the backside). Business names include Weeks Stamp Shop at 1410 H, Cornell Cafeteria 1414 H, and Liberty Valet. Over on the side is the back side of a Theater.

    • ET

      I did see a 1931 article that indicated that Picardi’s was at 1414 but was closing to make way for Wakefield’s grill. It seems Picardi’s was there for about 6 years. Also saw a 1934 advertisement for a Shamrock Grill at that location. Then there was a great 1941 article about a couple of thieves suspected in a number of robberies. It seems that one of the places they are suspected of robbing was the Cornell Cafeteria at 1414 H NW.

      I also found that Weeks Stamps was at that location until the early 1952 but may have moved in 1953.

  • john

    The back of the Southern Building is visible at upper center. It’s on the E side of 15th just above H, so I’m guessing we are looking NNWfrom 14th & NY Avenue into the back of the buildings on the south side of H Street, N.W.

  • Eric

    Angled street in front, building back doors indicating the south side of 1400 block of H street NW.

    The photo is shot across NY Ave from the south side of the street, facing the back of the south side of 1400 block of H street NW

  • Poshboy

    I believe this is the street corner of 14th & NY Ave where the angled parking lot once stood. The lot was were the big white building on the corner is now and the immediate building to the left.

    The red brick bank building on the far left on 15th & NY Ave was restored in the 1980s and still stands. (Courtesy Google Maps.)

  • Poshboy

    I can’t believe buildings as plain-Jane as this once stood just a block from the White House. They remind me of some boring turn-of-the-20th-century buildings thrown up on some random block in Lincoln, Nebraska, not our Nation’s Capital.

    I absolutely love the cars, though. What classic shapes.

  • EB.

    I love how the cars are so obviously NOT all from the 1940s. One of my pet peeves about period movies is that they make it seem as if no one drove old or used cars at the time.