GoDCers, Where Is This House?

Can anyone identify this house? It appears to be a photo taken in the late 1920s or maybe early 1930s.

Washington, DC home
Washington, DC home

Source: Library of Congress

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  • Andy

    I believe that is in Crestwood on Colorado Avenue, less than a block west of 16th St NW. Address is approximately 4870? Colorado Avenue NW.


  • dougharrisdc

    Yes — What Andy said. Streetview:

    (streetview embed didn’t work so well: piece this back together: http: // goo.gl/ 8iU8vR )

  • Sheila Gilbert

    Take out the question mark in the house number, and it pulls the house right up.
    Amazing how it is still identical to the photo. Well, a few minor changes, but none
    to the home at all.

  • Timmy

    Even looks almost like the same car in the driveway except the old one looks better.

  • Sondra Sani Bradford-Jennings

    I think this is on Colorado Ave NW, between 16th and 18th. That is right by Carter Barron. I grew up in that neighborhood.