19th Century View Towards Navy Yard

What a great old photo of the Navy Yard.

View toward Navy Yard
View toward Navy Yard

Source: Dig DC

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  • ET

    That picture must be literally at the last years of the 19th century based on the look of that bicycle.

    There was a John M. Becker as a bartender at an establishment at 511 E NE in the 1890 city directory. But in the 1893 directory there was a John M. Becker restaurant at 1120 8th Street. The 1900 directory indicted a saloon which was still around at that address in 1910 (said he lived at 1106
    8th SE). There was no listing of such a place in the 1915 directory.

    • JJJ

      Great info, do you have any info on the history of 1104 8th st SE?

      • ET

        Ask and you shall receive.

        The city directories for DC that are in ancestry.com subscription database (Library of Congress subscribes, DCPL may) has a reverse function as well as an A-Z listing. Using them is a challenge. I looked at the 1914 City Directory as an example:

        This is what is listed under 1104 8th se in the street address function
        Livesay, Jas A watchmaker
        Livesay, Leion E jeweler

        Under 1104 1/2 8th se:
        Eimer, Geo H, oysters

        This some additional information under the alphabetical listing:
        Livesay, Fannie E bkpr (bookkeeper I think) Natl Fire Proofing Co. bds 1104 8th se

        (if you are interested by 1914 1120 house Chas (Charles) H Miller saloon.

        • JJJ

          Thanks. I’m an ancestry subscriber and you are right, it is very difficult to navigate those areas of the site. It is great when you do come across the right info though. Thanks so much!