1907 Map of Brightwood

Here’s a terrific old map of the area around Brightwood in 1907. GoDCer Ian emailed about this a while ago and we finally got around to sharing it. Enjoy!

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1907 map of Brightwood
1907 map of Brightwood

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  • ma

    Excellent site: It’s very interesting to me because my family history is very tied to Washington. My grandma is still living. She has alzheimer’s but amazingly her long term memory is still good, she told me the price of her mortgage in Brightwood in the 50’s was $100 a month, my grandfather ended up in real estate, she was a homemaker.

    It would be great to post pictures of people and profile their personal stories. I bet there’s a whole world of interesting photos of the city that haven’t been released to the public yet.

    There are several of us who are a tight knit group of long time natives (5 generations on both sides for me). It would be nice if you interviewed and got perspectives from the elders especially, maybe do a focus on people and photos. There is a Facebook group called You Knew You Grew Up in DC When…..