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  • JLowe

    What is that large building in the right foreground?

    • SheilaG

      Senate Office Building

      • JLowe

        Of course–I got confused-thinking the view was from C st rather than Constitution

  • ET

    I remember reading somewhere something about one or more the buildings in that little plot. I have a feeling it was a piece on the Hill is Home or possibly Streets of Washington. Don’t think it was Greater Greater Washington but I suppose that is also an option.

  • publius washingoniensis

    Those buildings were constructed in WW I to house women federal workers. On the left, I think you can see the edge of what is now the Phoenix Park Hotel, while the lighter toned building that obscures it is one of the other old railroad hotels (maybe the Commodore) that once occupied several blocks of of North Capitol Street. They were all demolished in the 70s to build the Hall of States and the former SEC building. Dubliner publican Danny Coleman bought the last of the RR hotels, restored it, and named it the Phoenix Park. See how the streetcar tracks go right through the Capitol Plaza.

  • ET

    Ahhh I think I found the post(s) that I remember that were the Lost Capitol Hill posts on the Hill is Home that covered this general area.
    Union Plaza Dormitories:
    McDowell’s Gran Elevator:

    Houses of Square 685Houses of Square 658:

    Houses of Square 685