What Did 14th and F Look Like in 1903?

Now this is an incredible photograph of 14th and F Street in 1903. The big, ornate building is the old Ebbitt House. You’re looking straight at it, with F St. heading to the left and 14th St. heading down to the right. We posted a few other great photos of the same building a while ago, here and here.

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Ebbitt House in 1903
Ebbitt House in 1903

Source: Library of Congress

Take a look at the map below for some reference points. It’s also from 1903. You might hang out just across the street (i.e., the location from which this photo was taken) because it’s where The Hamilton is located today. Sadly, as I’m sure you’re aware, this building no longer exists today. But, the legacy lives in today’s incarnation of Old Ebbitt Grill (read three interesting stories about the place).


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