1920s Hotties Cruising the Potomac in a Speedboat

This is a great old photo of some young debutantes cruising the Potomac in the 1920s.

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Gardiner Orme in his speed boat at the opening of yachting season by the Corinthian yacht Club, Washington, D.C., with debutantes Sally Hew Phillips, Fanny Dial, Frances Gore and Georgiana Joyes.
Gardiner Orme in his speed boat at the opening of yachting season by the Corinthian Yacht Club, Washington, D.C., with debutantes Sallie Hew Phillips, Fannie Dial, Frances Gore and Georgiana Joyes.

Source: Library of Congress

Ms. Fanny Dial lived at 1852 Kalorama Rd. NW, a beautiful home in Washington Heights (now Adams Morgan). Fannie was also the daughter of former Democratic Senator Nathaniel Dial of South Carolina.

Frances Gore lived at 1746 P St. NW, near Dupont Circle. She was the daughter of Captain Albert J. Gore (not as far as we can tell, closely related to Senator Al Gore, Sr. or Vice President Al Gore, Jr.), who was a prominent real estate, loans, insurance man with an office at 1508 H St. NW. Coincidentally, he was the real estate agent representing Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby in the purchase of his home at 2224 R St. NW (now the Embassy Circle Guest House). We wrote about Secretary Denby and his family Christmas in 1922, with an accompanying photo (and a tragic twist).

Georgiana Joyes was the daughter of Brigadier General John S. Joyes. She was a student at Holton Arms while living in the family home at 2027 Belmont Rd. NW, until she married Lieutenant Mason Strober.

Sallie Hew Phillips was the daughter of Rev. Z Barney Phillips of the Church of the Epiphany at 1317 G St. NW. In 1924, they purchased their home at 2224 R St. NW from the Denby family, mentioned above. What a small town D.C. was … and is!

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