1904 Postcard Showing Rhode Island Avenue

Do you recognize where this is on Rhode Island Ave.? GoDCer Andy sent in a plethora of great material some time back and this postcard was in that collection. It shows Rhode Island Ave in 1904.

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Rhode Island Ave. 1904
Rhode Island Ave. 1904

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  • ET

    I am going to assume that either Logan Circle (my first thought) or Scott Circle is in the background. But since the base in the postcard seems to be light in color that seems more in keeping with the base for Gen. Scott’s statue (the Logan statue base is dark). Unfortunately the circle itself and that area have change a lot.

  • carlos the dwarf

    I’m pretty sure this is from the western end of RI Ave, right near where it hits Connecticut and M. I think the Catholic church is just outside the edge of the photo on the left. Which would make this looking towards Scott Circle, as ET suggests.

  • publius washingtoniensis

    I agree with Carlos: in the 1700 block, just east of Saint Matthew’s Cathedral, looking northeast toward 17th Street.

    • Craig Howell

      That was my first thought as well. I went to St. Matthew’s elementary school (aka Calvert School)in that block many years ago.