Sunday Apartment Listings in 1932

Oh, things sure were different. Check out these great apartment advertisements from July 3rd, 1932. These were printed in The Washington Post.

Below is an ad for The Parkside, which still stands at 1702 Summit Pl. NW.

The Parkside - 1702 Summit Pl. NW
The Parkside – 1702 Summit Pl. NW

Here are a couple more old buildings. The Westmoreland is now a co-op.

Highlands and Westmoreland
Highlands and Westmoreland

We found some more amazing listings and we’ll share those later this week. Stay tuned!

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  • c

    Amazing when you think of rent growth vs inflation. Sounds like a 1br at the parkside went for $55 back in 1932. If rents kept pace with inflation, a 1br there should now rent for $951. DC rents have far surpassed inflation though: the Parkside’s website shows they are now renting 1brs for $1,575 and up. So, the current rent is 66% higher than the rent from 1932 when adjusted for inflation. Inflation calc:

    • Lance

      Yeah, that’s the problem with inflation calculators they inflate everything across the board by the sane amount, while the real inflation varies by item. Looked at realistically, it makes sense that renting an apartment in today’s DC will cost relatively more than it did in 1932 … And relatively a lot more than it did in 1968 right after the riots. Simply put, DC has a lot more to offer than it did at either of those two other times. And I’m not even going into the problems you’ll have if your inflation calculator is using rates for the US as a whole.

  • Back in the 1970s, I got an apartment very similar to the one at the $40 room at the Parkside — studio with a dining room and separate kitchen — a few blocks away at the Century on 16th at Fuller. It was $165 when I first got it in ’77.