Playbill from Ford’s Theatre on the Night of Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

April 14, 1865 at Ford’s Theater began with a showing of Our American Cousin, and ended with an assassinated President Lincoln. The Library of Congress has the program from that evening. Pretty incredible to think that people in the audience that night came in ready for an enjoyable night out, and got details about the night’s production on this piece of paper.

You can see a list of all the characters and actors in the play.

The price list for tickets is also available. A private box would have cost $6-$10, which would be anywhere from about $80-$140 today.

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Our American Cousin Playbill
Our American Cousin Playbill – Source Library of Congress

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  • Michael Cunningham

    Use ALL the fonts!

  • I think this is not the actual playbill from the fateful night. The last line of the image says “Lincoln Souvenir.” I am guessing that there was no way for the theater to know in advance of the President’s visit and even if it did it would not have added such a line to the page.

    • Bobbie Ann Walker

      I agree that it’s probably not from the night of the assassination but it is still cool to see from a historical view point or atleast I think so being a history buff, it would be cool if someone actually found one from the night probably hidden in a trunk or scrapbook in someone’s attic or barn