Rare Photo of White House Stables

Have you ever seen a photo of the White House stables? We haven’t actually come across one until we found this at the Library of Congress. How cool is this? The photo was taken by Lewis Emory Walker in 1857 or 1858.

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White House stables in 1857
White House stables in 1857

Source: Library of Congress

This probably has been our best photo find in the last few weeks. Click on it for a much larger version and see if you see anything.

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  • Sean

    I’m intrigued by the second floor windows of the White House. Are those window panes or bars across the bottom half of the window(s)?

  • Paul

    Very cool! … Looks like about where the Kennedy Garden would be today. Any ideas on the purpose of the cable/rope running from bottom left behind the horse and 2 figures off into space?… I think it’s a guy wire to one of the derricks at the Treasury Building construction on the 15th St NW side of the White House. You can see the stables on the left side in the following photo … Library of Congress, Title: [Construction of the United States Treasury Building, Washington, D.C.]

    Date Created/Published: 1857 Aug. 1.

    Medium: 1 photographic print.

    Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-123661 (b&w film copy neg.)http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/00651779/

  • Paul

    Sorry, wrong view! … Here’s the correct picture from the series …

  • publius washingtoniensis

    I believe they are roll-up exterior shutters on the White House windows. I suspect these stables must have been demolished for the Treasury expansion, because photos taken in the late 19th century show a mansard-roofed building along 17th Street just south of the War-State-Navy Building that is identified as the White House stables and carriage house. It was near the now-closed section of E Street.

  • Keith Mullins

    Could that be President Buchanan in the top hat near the horses rear ?