Film of Day in the Life of 1930s D.C.

This is a really cool old film that we dug up at the U.S. National Archives. Check it out and see what landmarks you can identify, then add them to the comments below.

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  • GDubber

    Love the views of downtown – shoppers, streetcars, cars at the old Capital Garage on NY Avenue. And the new buildings of the Federal Triangle!

  • ET

    About 59 seconds in there is a shot of what looks to be the building that now house the National Museum of Women in the arts. Liking the overhead shots taken in a blimp I guess.

    I like the bits that show some of the old services – ice and dairy delivery. I like the shot of “wildlife” the dog that ran out in the street, the black cat, the ubiquitous pigeons, all the horses, and even the zoo animals.

    I am not up on my horse statues but does anyone know which one is featured at about 2:20? Also, there is a statue at 6:24 that is bugging me. What follows looks like the Supreme Court but the statue from what I can see, sorts of looks like the one on the right which I think is Authority of Law.

    • sp

      The horse statue at 2:20 is the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial at the base of Capitol Hill. Grant sits astride his warhorse, Cincinnati.

      6:24.not sure, ut it looks like the tympanist of the Supreme Court?

  • Mark Kinsler

    Four years later, on September 21, 1939, Washington DC radio station WJSV recorded their entire broadcast day. You can listen to it at

    M Kinsler, Lancaster, Ohio