Fascinating World War II U.S. Army Documentary About Alexandria

Now this is an interesting old film we found on YouTube. It’s a bit long, but if you’re from Alexandria, you’ll find it entertaining and recognize quite a few of the old buildings.

What do you think? Did you recognize any of the old buildings?

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  • Jay Roberts

    Thanks Tom. I watched the whole thing just now. It’s a treasure trove of images.

  • Charlie Mead

    I would suggest this film is from the late 1950s based upon the cars and that Leroy S. Bendheim was mayor from 1955 to 1961.

  • Jay Roberts

    I queried The Washington Post. The event took place in 1957. A parade and dances were held, shoppers in Old Town found bargains and discounts, and city officials and civic leaders hosted Army personnel and vice versa at Fort Belvoir.

    Several places that were visited are no longer there.

    The Fruit Growers Express staging area is now near the new Whittier Park on Duke Street. FGX, which manufactured refrigerated rail cars to transport fresh produce throughout the eastern United States, continued in business on this site until the 1980s.

    Temple Village. This was a trailer park for veterans. It was located near the intersection of Telegraph Road and Duke Street. More precisely,
    it was bordered by Telegraph to the west, the railroad tracks to the north,
    a road now part of Eisenhower Avenue to the south, and the Metro Line running
    past the Hoffman Theaters to the west.

  • Jim Mackay

    My guess was about ’55. My favorite “find” in the video was seeing an old cut-stone street sign up on a shelf during the visit to the Traffic Division . . . about 13 1/2 minutes into the video. Still in our collection, and on view in the main exhibit, but we’ve never been able to tell which now-demolished building it came off of.

    Jim Mackay, Director
    The Lyceum — Alexandria’s History Museum

  • Andrew O’Hanlon

    Yes, 57 by the mention of Army Birthday but I had it as 56. Three of my sibs were born in Alexandria hospital. That music lol. ” now Bobby, I told you no napping during the films”…