Morning Links: Happy Birthday Georgetown

It’s. Too. Cooooold. I hope you are letting your faucet run just enough to prevent your pipes from freezing. The GoDC household had frozen pipes during Polar Vortex I and it was an expensive lesson learned.

Your morning links, brought to you by Officer Sprinkle.

Trolley pub: This is the weirdest pub we’ve ever seen. Most creative too. [ARLnow]

No Good McDonnell: Dude, Bob McDonnell and his wife are in deep sh*t. [Huffington Post]

Sno-Mo snowstorm: This is really cool. Time-lapse shots of the snowstorm. [DCist]

GoDC advertising: Want to advertise on Ghosts of DC? Use the code “GoDC2014” and get 75% off of ads through the end of January. Go here to check it out.

This day in history: January 23d, 1789 was the day Georgetown University was founded, a full 225 years ago today. Happy birthday Hoyas! Trivia answer … the school was founded in Maryland, because Washington, D.C. was not yet formed.

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