Kenny Rogers Live at the Capital Centre the Day Iran Fell

Sweet concert! This is an ad in The Washington Post on February 11th, 1979 for a Kenny Rogers concert. Almost 35 years ago, this was a Sunday, and while Washingtonians were heading to Landover for the concert, the Shah in Iran fell and Ayatollah Khomeini took power.

Kenny Rogers concert
Kenny Rogers concert

Below is a video that we dug up on YouTube from the History Channel’s documentary “Crisis in Iran” narrated by Mike Wallace.

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  • Bob

    Actually, this concert took place nearly 35 years ago (not 25).

    In fact, Dottie’s been gone now for more than 22 years.

  • Bob

    This was actually nearly 35 years, not 25, and Dottie has been gone now for more than 22 years.

  • Sandi Layne

    So…I feel old that I something I remember (the fall of the Shah of Iran) is featured in Ghosts of DC. *nods* Had to happen, yeah? 😉