Fire Horse Mysteriously Stabbed With Pitchfork

What a horrible story. We found this printed in The Washington Post on April 6th, 1907.

Fire Chief Belt yesterday ordered a thorough investigation of the stabbing with a pitchfork of a fire department horse at No. 8 engine house on the night of March 27.

Battalion Chief Henry, Capt. Egloff, of engine company No. 15, and Capt. Lanham, of engine company No. 13 appointed to investigate the matter, have reported Chief Belt their inability ascertain the name of the person responsible. Every member of the company, it was reported, disclaimed any knowledge of the affair.

According to Chief Belt, the investigation disclosed that Private  W. H. Lockwood should have called his relief at 1:10 a. m., but failed to do so until 3:15 a. m. Because of this fact, the chief has recommended that Lockwood be deprived of his days off for ninety days.

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