Awesome 1965 Photo of Key Bridge

Hello GoDCers! Thursday is coming to a close, and tomorrow is Friday. So that’s great news. To celebrate, we’re sharing a great afternoon photo with you. This is a great photo that we dug up on Flickr. The photo was taken in 1965 by Roger Wollstadt. He has some awesome photos on Flickr that you have to check out. Rosslyn looks very different today.

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`Key Bridge in 1965
Key Bridge in 1965

Source: Flickr user roger4336

Don’t forget to check out our post from earlier in the week about a giant fire and explosion that rocked and almost destroyed Rosslyn. It’s a real thriller of a story and almost difficult to believe.

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  • Neil Baumgardner

    What is in the middle – is that bus stop, a rest stop, or a Virginia welcome center LOL?

    • FormerResident

      It’s where the streetcars turned around to go back into DC.