Photos of 1940s Boarding House Living

With the ridiculous rise in cost of living here in DC, maybe we should go back to the time of boarding houses.

We came across some great photos of boarding house living in Washington during World War II. Below are some we want to share with GoDCers. These photos were taken by Esther Bubley in January 1943.

Source: Library of Congress

You can check out more of them here.

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  • A wonderful view of boarding house living is in the great science fiction film – “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. The setting is Washington, DC. The establishing shots are of DC but was the rest of it filmed there?

  • Mark Stencel

    The photo curators at the Library of Congress have a multi-page write-up Esther Bubley. It describes how photos like this taken in her free time while working in a D.C. government job shooting microfilm helped launch a career as a professional photographer that eventually included assignments for Life and Ladies’ Home Journal: