1892 Map of Rural Anacostia

We posted a cool old rural map of Tenleytown a short while back. Here’s a map from the same group, showing Anacostia back in 1892.

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Source: Library of Congress

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  • ET

    I know at some point all the streets in Georgetown and I guess on the other side of the Anacostia were done with letter/numbering convention intended, so some of the street names don’t line up so I am not sure -but is the Frederick Douglass house at the corner of what was then Pierce and Jefferson? It looks like that is fairly large swath of land with few structures.

    • HStreetLandlord

      I noticed the same thing. Seems to line up perfectly with 14th and w streets.

  • John M

    Thanks for posting, Ghosts.

    Pierce Street (named after President Franklin Pierce) is today 14th Street.
    Jefferson Street (named after President Tom Jefferson) is today W Street.

    The walkway / carriage path to the Douglass estate was at the corner of Pierce & Jefferson in 1892, which today is 14th & W Street.

    Old Anacostia’s streets of Frederick Douglass’s life and times did not have street signs. The Washington Board of Trade frequently complained about this problem in the late 1880s and early 1890s.

  • John M

    The pathway is at the SE corner of 14th & W Streets.