GoDC Lunchtime Photo Challenge

Okay folks, welcome to the latest GoDC challenge. I know you’re dying to kill some time before the weekend, so here’s a lunchtime quiz for you. The first person to identify this photo and answer the three subsequent questions will get a prize: this sweet Ghosts of DC coffee mug! All the answers can be found somewhere on our site. Also, your answer have to be in the comments below (so we can see who entered them first).

1. Where was this photo taken?

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Where is this?
Where is this?

2. Who is sitting to Gerald Ford’s right in the photo that we recently we posted of him in the Cabinet Room?

3. We posted a map of street lamps in Washington earlier this year. What year was this map published?

4. This map of Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant in 1903 has many old street names. Identify one with the old name and the current name.

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  • melissa

    Let’s see…
    1) Looks like Library of Congress, I think.
    2) Kissinger
    4) Irving Street was Kenisaw Avenue

  • Katelynd Mahoney

    1. The Historical Society of Washington DC
    2. Henry Kissinger
    3. 1891
    4. Kenesaw Ave is now Irving St.

  • Both of you have one incorrect answer

    • Katelynd Mahoney

      Organization of American States?

      • Keep guessing

        • Katelynd Mahoney

          National Geographic Office BUilding

          • Winner! Shoot me an email at hello at ghostsofdc.org and I’ll get you your prize.

  • Benjamin Corb

    Is 1. the State Department?

  • Not State

  • Benjamin Corb

    Eisenhower Executive Office Building? (now i’m just guessing)