Destruction of 1913 Storm

I can’t make out the sign above the door at left, can you? I’d like to do a little digging on this collapsed building.

The photo is labeled as “1913 Washington, DC storm.”

Washington snowstorm damage
Washington storm damage


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  • Jim Buchanan

    Looks like R.F. SMITH CO

  • ET

    I found an Post article from August 2, 1913 about the funeral of two men who died when a storm/tornado (which seems to have come though on July 29ish) came though and collapsed the BF Saul Building at 7th and L. It seems this was a fairly noteworthy event which would have meant photographers.

    This photo was actually used by the Washington Post on July 31, 1913 on page 4 and it indicates that this is the Saul building.

  • Here’s the link to a Post story regarding a possible tornado in DC, it includes this photo and also identifies it as the Saul building.

  • B.F. Saul Co., definitely.

  • Doug

    Not a snow storm (it happened on July 30, 1913), but a tornado or twister. #1101 7th St NW. BF Saul & Co. Later started – owned Chevy Chase Savings & Loan, then into Chevy Chase Bank until; sold to Capitol One around 2008/09. Chevy Chase S & L was one of the few S & Ls that successfully merged from Maryland’s savings & loan scandles in the late 1970’s.
    Sign over door says “B. F. Saul Co” with “Real Estate” on both left & right sides.
    FYI: 3 pics being emailed.

  • ET

    Weird. I came back to this to see if anyone else had found anything new and there were 4 comments on this post but they all disappeared……

    For the record this was the BF Saul building and this picture was used in a Washington Post article – on July 30ish I believe.

    Someone else found the following

  • Matt D.

    Heh, the Post caption reads the building was “badly damaged.”