Amazing Photo of the Blizzard of 1922

This is a photo of the massive storm that hit Washington, dumping so much snow on the city that the roof of the Knickerbocker Theater collapsed, killing 98 people.

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January 28th, 1922 - snowstorm
January 28th, 1922 – snowstorm

Source: Library of Congress

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  • Appears the 20 line ran from Union Station out to Cabin John… if I’m reading the old trolley map correctly: I believe via Penn west of the White House & G Street east. I’d guess at this being Penn… any other discernible hints?

  • Jose L. rodriguez

    It appears that the number 20 is actually the vehicle number, not the route number. The route sign appears to be 15th & H st NE. Also the street looks too narrow to be Penna Avenue; could be H St. But then again I could be wrong.

  • ET

    There is an interesting map on the Washington & Georgetown Wikipedia page that I wonder could be helpful – though my RR/trolly history of DC is limited. There is a line that ran on H from the starburst to the White House via Mass and NY I think – which seem to be expect from the buildings that can barely be seen.

  • Ahh yes, 20 is definitely the car number… just spotted the 8 in the same place on the next car. Guess it’d also be unwise to put the route number on a vehicle as a permanent feature rather than one that’s interchangeable.

    The rent signs aren’t of much help. The only Louise Hand Laundry I know of is at 1405 12th NW from 1918 onward, and this certainly isn’t 12th St. I see at right a sign reading “Milton” but can’t quite make out the second word… Milton Glass? Doesn’t turn up anything in Google when I try crossing it w/ DC.