Stop Blaming Washington

Don’t blame Washington for the failures of a dysfunctional Congress. We don’t blame the city of New York for the financial implosion of 2008. We don’t blame St. Louis, Milwaukee, or Lynchburg, Tennessee for our college binge drinking culture or incidence of alcoholism. And, we don’t blame the entire Los Angeles region for fomenting a culture of violence through music, film, and television.

Stop the negative connotations associated with the Capital, the Beltway, and Washington. The problem squarely rests on the shoulders of Congress, and more specifically, the elected representatives, many being political neophytes, utterly ignorant of the macro-implications of their myopic ideologue views. Because of this shutdown, we can’t even access the Library of Congress archives to find great photos to share.

Washington is a great city of over 600,000 people, and we are being held hostage by completely useless and partisan Congress. The greater Washington area is home to about five million regular Americans suffering the consequences of 535 asinine elected officials. To add insult to injury, the District doesn’t even have our own voting representation in Congress. Washington, D.C. is not to blame. We don’t even have a voice, yet were are demonized.

Remove Washington from the vitriolic lexicon. Focus the blame on Congress and the rest of the country for electing this useless group of people.

the Capitol Building
the epicenter of dysfunction

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  • NE John

    Correct. And we don’t send those asses here, you elect

  • MLD

    Metonymy’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  • Ever hear of a metonym? We don’t blame New York or Los Angeles, but we do blame “Wall Street” and “Hollywood” even though lots of people who live in these places don’t work in finance or the media.

    And stop blaming the good people of Moscow, Pyongyang and Tehran for the actions of their countries’ leaders. We might as well stop blaming “the White House” for the president’s policies because lots of decent people work there who have no say in policy.

    • Tom

      I agree … though this isn’t Ghosts of Pyongyang (maybe the next blog?). People in D.C. are tired of the metonym, especially since the people directing insults at Washington are the ones who elected these people in the first place. It’s ridiculous. We don’t even have a voting representative!

      • Criticisms directed at “Washington” are no more relevant to a 17th Street McDonald’s worker than a Hollywood movie review is to Stephen Spielberg’s limo driver.

        No one’s directing insults at the city, it’s just easier to say “Washington” than rattle off the names of 435 ass holes we don’t need in the first place.

        Bringing up metonymy is over-intellectualizing. It simply happens to everyone, everywhere.

        You don’t think Nebraskan’s get tired of the nation deferring to their entire state anytime someone needs a Walmart metaphor? Have you never referred to the American auto industry as “Detroit”?

        We elected the “Washington” we’re complaining about, but we also created to the “Wall Street” we complain about and the “Hollywood” that gave us the VMAs. I don’t think there’s any misunderstanding about where our verbally generalized blame is intended in any of these critiques.

        The nation will always refer to the dick heads in the Capitol as “Washington.” It’s nothing personal.

  • Old Kid

    I enjoy your website for all of the pictures that you post and the history related to them. I know it’s hard not to get into get into personal thoughts about politics, especially when you live in a politically charged city. But so much negativity permeates the internet, and sites like yours are a relief to it, just like when we use to read the newspapers (remember them?) it was so nice to look at the comics or other entertainment sections for a change of pace. Keep up the good work!!