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Tom founded Ghosts of DC on January 4th, 2012 as a blog to uncover the lost and untold history of Washington, D.C. He has lived in the city for over a decade and loves exploring every corner of the District.

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  • Doug Wheeler

    Really no big deal, just another fire, but a whole lot in a short time. And at most fires, no soldiers. FYI: Only the 101st had ammo – as they weren’t in the streets. They were at the US Capitol. These soldiers (and cops) were ordered not to interfere or stop any riot actions, hence no bullets. Barney Fife had at least one bullet. We never learn, hence Navy Yard.

  • Doug Wheeler

    Not sure what they’re protecting in a pile of burned out rubble, with no bullets. Sad, yes.

  • Peoples Hernandez

    I remember seeing lots of National Guard troops along the 1700 block of Columbia Road…..perhaps starting on the third day of rioting? I forget. But it made a big difference. The rioting stopped on our street with only occasional violence. The battery was stolen from our Ford wagon and the Safeway was destroyed.

  • Jose Luis Rodriguez

    I lived at 1650 Columbia Road (above the Pan American Barber Shop owned by my father). Our block suffered minor damages, broken windows at the adjacent Embassy Drug Store (a Rexall franchise). I always remember the first day of the riots. Our HS (St. John’s) let out early. Later in the evening we saw people going to and back from 14th Street (carrying looted items) and saw the smoke bellowing over the skyline. All those stores burnt between Park Road and Columbia Road. My favorite theatre, the Savoy, no longer. Also remember the troops. A squad had been assigned to our area and setup their temp command in front of the barber shop. Troops would patrol on foot and jeep. My mom would give them coffee and sandwiches.