GoDCers, Please Help Identify This Building

Okay, we need the collective power of the GoDC community. The best clue in the photo is the “1743” … where is this, and does the building still exist? Post your thoughts in the comments below. The photo below is from the 1930s.

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woman and carriage in front of store
woman and carriage in front of store

Source: Library of Congress

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  • Square1035

    1932 Washington City Directory lists a Samuel Walker, Tailor, at 1741 L St NW – could store be next door to doorway w/2 ladies

    • GW Senior

      “Boyd’s Directory of the District of Columbia” from 1909 lists the same Samuel Walker at 1743 L Street NW.

      • GW Senior

        Update: Walker is featured in a Washington Post classified from March 24, 1935.

    • Mary Ann Simpson


  • del2124

    Chocolate Moose!