GoDC Challenge to Win a Sweatshirt!

GoDC sweatshirt
GoDC sweatshirt

Here’s our long overdue GoDC challenge to pass some time today during lunch. The first person to answer all ten questions below in the comments, will win a fancy new Ghosts of DC sweatshirt. You’re going to love having one of these around when the fall creeps up on us. All of the answers are readily (and easily) available on the site … so, here you go! (BTW, the search form is at the bottom of this page.)

  1. What is this a photo of and when was it taken (plus or minus 3 years)?
  2. What was the address for the Happy News Cafe?
  3. According to an ad we posted, how much did an East Vienna Woods home cost in 1957?
  4. What is this a picture of?
  5. What year was this directory published in the Washington Times?
  6. What is the name of the upcoming play written by Jim Lehrer?
  7. What was the title of a post we published exactly a year ago today?
  8. What was the date of John Wilkes Booth’s acting debut? (hint: ghostsofbaltimore.org)
  9. According to an article we posted from April 15th, 1912, the Titanic was afloat and being towed where?
  10. What monarch came to D.C. in 1897 and stayed on the 10th floor of the Cairo?

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Tom founded Ghosts of DC on January 4th, 2012 as a blog to uncover the lost and untold history of Washington, D.C. He has lived in the city for over a decade and loves exploring every corner of the District.

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Photo shows a man and a boy in summer straw hats happily displaying some unidentifiable papers on F Street, with the Treasury and a new electric hooded arc streetlight in the background. One of a series of scenes near Painter's office at 14th and E streets, this picture bears the hallmarks of the new "snapshot" style now made possible by the invention of the quick, hand-held Kodak: natural smiles and the movement of the ladies under the umbrella.

Photo of Man and Boy Outside Treasury in 1885

Check out this great old photo from 1885. Source: Library of Congress

  • Brendan

    1. Willard Hotel, 1904.
    2. 1727 7th St. NW
    3. $14,750
    4. Blagden Alley
    5. 1914
    6. Bell
    7. If Walls Could Talk: Embassy of Kenya
    8. Aug. 14, 1855
    9. Halifax
    10. Queen Liliuo’kalani

  • Kate M.

    1-The Willard Hotel in 1922
    2- 1727 7th St. NW
    3- $14,750
    4- Blagden Alley in 1923
    6- BELL
    7-Sleepy Hollow: A Honey of a Location
    8-Tuesday, August 14th, 1855
    9- Halifax, Nova Scotia
    10-the deposed queen of Hawaii, Queen Liliuokalani