Classic 1937 Photo! Georgetown Student Gives the Middle Finger

I love this. Add some color, put it on Instagram or Facebook, and this happens today. Things never change.

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Among those pictured: John F. Detmer (C'1938); Henry M. Leslie (C'1938); Daniel J. 'Bud' O'Donovan (C'1938); and Edward P. Sweeney, (C'1938).
Among those pictured: John F. Detmer (C’1938); Henry M. Leslie (C’1938); Daniel J. ‘Bud’ O’Donovan (C’1938); and Edward P. Sweeney, (C’1938).

Source: Georgetown University Library

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  • Andr√© M. Smith

    You have written that “this happens today. Things never change.” Not only is the right (never the left) digitorum medius the manual sexual gesturer par excellence in the near yesteryear of 1937, it was in the antiquity of Ancient Rome called digitorum obscenis.

    If our aboriginal ancestors romping ’bout in The Olduvai Gorge had a nominator for that same digit is unknown. But inferences can be drawn.

  • Popeye D. Saylorman

    I just wish the guy in the athletic supporter would put some pants on.