Awesome 1908 Postcard View of Connecticut Avenue

This is a terrific old postcard we found in our GoDC buddy John’s Flickr photostream.

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View down Connecticut Ave. NW at intersection with Columbia Rd.
View down Connecticut Ave. NW at intersection with Columbia Rd.

Source: Flickr user StreetsOfWashington

If you were look down this road today, on the left you would see the Hilton Hotel.

The view below isn’t perfect because the tree to the left of the statue was in the way of the identical view.


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  • Peoples Hernandez

    The building pictured on the right stands today. And if I recall correctly, a new building was erected on the south side in the late 60s. During demolition of an old structure on the site, the wrecking ball operator lost control and took out two or three bay windows on the upper floors. Can someone check on this?

  • Think how much prettier the statue looks surrounded by grass instead of the ugly clumps of bushes now surrounding it!

    • Typical DC BS

      Unfortunately, DC does a poor job of maintaining small plots like this. Hence the low-maintenance bushes..

  • Jeannine Green Brewer

    that massive building in the background is an absolute architectural monstrosity

  • Barnes Thomas

    they really ought to return the original name to the hotel- the Highlands. Where they came up with “Churchill” I have no idea.